Shopmen Ironworkers Local 509 was chartered March 23, 1937 in Los Angeles, CA. We represent nearly 600 members fabricating Structural, Miscellaneous, Ornamental and Reinforcing Steel. Local 509 is proud for its part in creating the Southern California Skyline. Our proud history building skyscrapers, roads, bridges, schools, amusements parks and artwork you pass by daily and see in movies and magazines.

Local 509 has had a prideful 80-plus year history of fighting for members ability to provide decent wages and benefits for all our families all done with safety, production, and pride in our workmanship. Our union skills are shown in our welding, fabricating, rebar fabrication, machine operation and finishing of both ferrous and non-ferrous products. We also represent members involved in aircraft surface peening and raw steel distribution. As our industry changes our members ability to adapt quickly and change with them are unsurpassed.

As we look towards the future, we want to educate the members of the importance of organizing the un-organized, politics that represent our needs, training for industry needs and safety so we can live a long enjoyable life.